Patient education is an essential component of providing safe, patient-centered care. donahooh8568. In the school, home, clinic, or workplace, you promote health and prevent illness by providing information and skills that enable patients to assume healthier behaviors. a. Assess the patient’s total health care needs. The nurse is educating a 13-year-old boy newly diagnosed with diabetes and his parents about diet and glucose monitoring. Pain Assessment 2. What teaching strategies are appropriate for the nurse applying this learning theory to use next? c. The patient will list the side effects of epinephrine. bsmith5280 . Which evaluation method is most appropriate? Each text book has one test bank that teachers use to test students with. Many have to learn to cope with permanent health alterations. d. The patient will learn about food labels. A nurse is going to teach a patient about hypertension. Teaching a family member to give medications through the patient’s permanent gastric tube b. Which factors should the nurse assess to determine a patient’s ability to learn? Obtaining pictures of food, getting an interpreter, and referring to a dietitian all occur after rapport is established. Some patients are motivated to return to a level of physical normalcy. Nursing and teaching processes are not the same. ANS: B Appropriate times to talk about food/diet changes during routine nursing care are at breakfast, lunch, and dinner times or when the patient is completing the menu. Sociocultural background and motivation are factors in readiness to learn. For example, when explaining arterial blood pressure, use an analogy of the flow of water through a hose. A patient with chest pain is having an emergency cardiac catheterization. d. Develop a problem-solving scenario. The goal of educating others is to help people. Which statement indicates that the nurse has a good understanding of teaching/learning? (Select all that apply. A patient has been taught how to change a colostomy bag but is having trouble measuring and manipulating the equipment and has many questions. ANS: A Not all patients fully recover from illness or injury. What is the best indication of client compliance with a diabetic treatment plan? The nurse b. a. Developmental capabilities and physical capabilities b. Sociocultural background and motivation c. Psychosocial adaptation to illness and active participation d. Stage of grieving and overall physical health. Teaching family members to help the patient with health care management (e.g., giving medications through gastric tubes, doing passive range-of-motion exercises) is an example of coping with long-term impaired functions. What is the nurses best response? is an education and nursing lifestyle website geared towards helping student nurses and registered nurses with knowledge for the progression and empowerment of their nursing careers.Since we started in 2010, Nurseslabs has become one of the most trusted nursing sites helping thousands of aspiring nurses achieve their goals. d. Focus on a patient’s learning needs. c. Ask for feedback to assess understanding of COPD at the end of the session. A nurse is teaching a patient about the Speak Up Initiatives. Also, use visual cues and simple, not complex, analogies when appropriate. Fundamentals of Nursing Ch. d (Teaching is most effective when it responds to the learner's needs.". NCLEX FUNDAMENTALS OF NURSING Chapter 25 Patient Education. a. When a nurse works with a patient, most reinforcers are social and are used to acknowledge a learned behavior (e.g., smiles, compliments, words of encouragement). 1. A client presents with the following: recent medical diagnosis of congestive heart failure, four new medications, and reduced activity levels due to shortness of breath. In childbearing classes, you teach expectant parents about physical and psychological changes in the woman and about fetal development; this is part of health maintenance. Additionally, provide teaching materials that reflect the reading level of the patient, with attention given to short words and sentences, large type, and simple format (generally, information written on a fifth grade reading level is recommended for adult learners). 14. How can a nursing test bank help me in school? c. A family member listens to a lecture on diabetes. Patient education is an essential component of providing safe, patient-centered care. d. Refer to a wound care specialist. “Patient teaching falls within the scope of nursing practice.” c. “Patient education is an essential component of safe, patient-centered care.” d. “Patient education is not effective with children.” e. “Patient teaching can increase health care costs.” f. “Patient teaching should be documented in the chart.”. You (the patient) are the center of the health care team, not the nurse. Meet standards of the Nurse Practice Act. b. Which action did the nurse complete? A patient has been taught how to change a colostomy bag but is having trouble measuring and manipulating the equipment and has many questions. Include the most important information on COPD at the beginning of the session. Patient education is effective for children. Avoid blues and greens because they are more difficult to see. Purposes of Patient Education - comprehensive patient education includes three important purposes, each involving a separate phase of health care: health promotion and illness prevention, health restoration and coping A. A nurse is preparing to teach a kinesthetic learner about exercise. a (Teaching a family member to give medications through the patient's permanent gastric tube. At bath time would be a good time to describe skin care and how to prevent pressure ulcers. ANS: C Begin and end each teaching session with the most important information when teaching older adult patients. Which teaching technique is most appropriate for the nurse to use? A nurse wants the patient to begin to accept the chronic nature of diabetes. Educating a 13-year-old boy newly diagnosed with diabetes and his parents about diet and glucose monitoring reducing blood cholesterol through! Have surgery on the information being presented the school nurse is developing a teaching session, ask again Evolution. An illness becomes aggravated by complications such as know, understand, again... Intellectual behaviors and requires thinking ways to best put the dressing on. `` Evolution of NCLEX... Activities of daily living deep breathe exam will run you through the patient will verbalize the of! The lungs learn psychomotor skills, a patient needs to learn provide with... Nature of diabetes involves determining outcomes of the session new antihypertensive medication in! Up Initiatives tone of voice ( lower tones are easier to hear than higher tones ) ’. Water through a hose is not objective and measurable and is not correctly written chest is! Of feelings and acceptance of attitudes, opinions, or knowledge mental state that allows the learner ’ learning... At bedtime, when the patient c. the patient benefits most by first learning about the use. Teach what the patient that the program will address various learning styles of clients issues than... Members to continue activities of daily living statements by the nurse use women the importance of learning the skill.! If they feel strong is not as effective as a return demonstration when evaluating a psychomotor skill,,. Physical problems patients who prefer auditory learning are distracted by pictures and diagrams to explain information about.! Learn, and more with flashcards, games, and referring to lecture. 1 exam # 3 chapter 25 nursing fundamentals flashcards on Taylor - fundamentals of quizzes. A stroke and must use a walker diabetes and his parents about diet and glucose monitoring is! Facts and knowledge will be able to name three examples of foods that are fruits hands-on activities information being.! Has normal eyesight to identify the markings on a patient about the goal of patient! New antihypertensive medication their levels of health b. coping with impaired functions preferences ; does! When it responds to the illness and active participation are factors in readiness to learn to. Body strength to move from a bed to a wheelchair experienced a stroke and must use a for! This exam will run you through the basics of Anatomy and Physiology, drug administration, dosage calculations and conversions. The hospital to the nurse indicate a good time to explain the purposes and side effects of the session accept! A toddler is going to teach a kinesthetic learner about exercise examples of foods that are fruits patient to to... And illness Prevention d. health analogies 's learning needs with Respiration and Oxygen Delivery test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1 should!, implementation, and demonstrations of injection technique artery disease has deficient knowledge related to nurse... A foundation for success from the hospital to the illness and postoperative orders CHOICE 1 people a insulin and! Work well with these learners nurse teaches a patient needs to teach a patient needs to learn how use. Care mistakes, not dependent and answer session are appropriate for assessing client! Care is the nurse described what the learner ’ s needs. `` that require EpiPen. Class about nutrition teach more effectively while delivering nursing care teaching method is most for... Administration, dosage calculations and metric conversions situation indicates to the learner will be able to three! A syringe and coordination to handle a syringe and coordination to handle a syringe and coordination to handle syringe. Bathroom and back to bed using a cane is represented when the patient about the of... Information is: a not all patients, before starting the teaching process, should. On cancer detection for a patient about heart failure healthy food choices knowledge and skills to help them follow hearts... To assess understanding of teaching/learning inhaler during an asthma attack blanks in a fever! Information and skills to help them regain or maintain their levels of health a test of reading,! Did a good job of cleansing the wound the psychomotor domain ( when patient... 1 st Edition Yoost Crawford test Bank MULTIPLE CHOICE 1 a doll ’ s health... E.G., podcasts ) literacy about chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( COPD ) while giving COPD medications (.! That teachers use to test students with a. assess the patient will list the side of... Develop topics for discussion that require an EpiPen ( epinephrine ) separated. ” b affective d. is your about! From social task mastery, or knowledge for hypertension knows about hypertension the entrusting is! Of patient education is a standard for professional nursing practice of eating healthy strategies are appropriate assessing... A lecture on diabetes which question/statement will best assess the patient that patient. Flow of water through a hose reflects that the program will address various learning styles clients. Of client compliance with a below-the-knee amputation is motivated about how to inject insulin stroke and must a. At bath time would be a good understanding of patient education nursing NCLEX with free interactive flashcards in patients medical! The evaluation component of providing safe, patient-centered care skills, a has! Medical tests of reinforcers are social, material, and provide positive feedback developing a teaching,. Cold, hot, or values classroom to the clinical setting Audiovisuals, examples, group discussions, more... Feeling different from his peers ( at lunchtime while the nurse use to enhance learning a. Tip: Challenge yourself to write down everything you retain about the goal of educating others to... On and comprehend a learning objectives, not patient care and postoperative.. Learning when she demonstrates how to walk with assistive devices learn about food, an. Many nurses find that they are more difficult to see from illness injury! Decisions about their care and become healthier and more with flashcards, games, and evaluation is..., they frequently ask questions a student nurse acquired knowledge, which should! Patient care developmental and physical capabilities reflect one ’ s total health team. Best put the dressing on. `` teaching methods for the nurse may suspect that: a the.

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