When Gaius and the others were eventually rescued after Arthur recaptured Camelot, Gaius was in a critical condition but soon recovered. With Gwaine having been injured in the fight, Arthur had him brought to Camelot to treat his wounds. Merlin then used his magic to send the boat out into the lake and set it alight finally giving Lancelot's soul peace. His final words swore vengeance on Uther. He was given a hero's funeral. Balinor is killed as they return home, but Merlin inherits his abilities and tames the Great Dragon, forcing it to end its rampage. Uther has even shown a willingness to overlook his discoveries of past occasions where Gaius has disobeyed him, such as when Gaius revealed that he smuggled Morgana's half-sister, Morgause out of Camelot rather than allowing her to die, despite the fact that Uther would have killed anyone else who disobeyed him in such a manner. Bayard (portrayed by Clive Russell) is the king of Camelot's neighboring kingdom of Mercia. The knights went with Arthur on many missions throughout season four. When Merlin used magic to spear a wild boar that attacked Arthur during a hunt, Cedric took credit for the kill and was rewarded with a position in the royal household. Uther's death enraged Arthur and incited him further against magic, even causing him to confide in Merlin later that he despised magic and believed it truly evil. In the second-season premiere, "The Curse of Cornelius Sigan", it was revealed that he was executed for his use of evil magic. Merlin doesn't fully trust Mordred, a feeling echoed throughout the series. Gaius respected Kilgharrah’s power and wisdom but they weren't friends and Gaius was probably aware that Kilgharrah was desperate for his freedom. Merlin, now under free will, dressed up as Dragoon and returned to Morgana’s hovel where he successfully burned the rest of the Fomorroh. Arthur stabbed the dragon with a lance, but was subsequently knocked out. Gwaine was also part of the battle which never took place where Arthur defeated Caerleon's champion, creating peace between Arthur and Annis. When Merlin drank from a poisoned goblet at the celebratory feast that was meant to be a gift for Arthur, Uther had Bayard and his entire entourage imprisoned. Arthur chooses to spare Mordred's life, much to Merlin's anger. Morgause's occupation of Camelot ultimately proved brief. It was with Gaius, that Gwen discovers that Sefa, her maid, is in fact a traitor (Arthur's Bane). The Knight then stormed Arthur's investiture as Crown Prince and challenged those at court to single combat. Shortly thereafter, Morgause and her army captured Camelot and Uther. In the second-season episode, "The Nightmare Begins", he, with the assistance of Mordred, rescued Morgana from a group of serkets, and later healed the injury she sustained from one of the creatures. Additionally, he has a great knowledge of sorcery and the legends associated with it, having studied and practised it for many years before the Great Purge. She was raised by Uther as his ward- her father having died when she was about ten (her mother's fate is ambiguous, in fact, she has hardly any mentions in the series). Aulfric bargained with the Sidhe elders for Sophia to return, and they ordered that she sacrifice the soul of a mortal prince to appease the elders. When Arthur arrives to save Gwen, he realises that the flame between Gwen and Lancelot has been reignited, and he is hurt and claims that he only came because Morgana made him. Arthur's feelings for Gwen are once again revealed when he finds the ring he gave to her, under the influence of Merlin and admits that he still loves her. Tom was arrested and put on trial for treason in unwittingly assisting a known enemy of Camelot, because Uther believed that Tom was supplying weapons to Tauren. Arthur's relationship with Morgana was also developed in the second season. Merlin meditatively informs the physician that Hilda is really Morgana in disguise. It is a Roman praenomen but the odds of someone being called this in fifth or sixth century England (, Gaius is perhaps based on Blaise, who according to some sources such as Robert de Boron’s epic poem. Taught me who I am. She trusts Merlin to keep her secret safe, which he does- however, later on, all three resident magic-users are scared to the bone when Uther hires Aredian, the most feared Witchfinder to detect any and all sorcerers in Camelot, when someone reports that they witnessed magic (performed by Merlin). He does not look the part, despite Merlin and Gwen's best efforts, but manages to act the part after he is given advice on nobility and arrogance from Arthur. When Merlin confronted Gilli about his attempt to kill Uther, even though he had been about to win the tournament, Gilli acknowledged that he had been wrong. Gwaine caused quite a bit of trouble during his stay in Camelot, attempting to charm Guineverein the marketplace (who politely turned him down) and buying drinks for all the other tavern patrons despite the fact that he had no money. He first appears as a jousting partner for Arthur in "The Once and Future Queen" but pulls away when the Prince is blinded by light. In the hours that followed, Lancelot swore to stand and fight beside Arthur in recognition of the lessons the prince had taught him about the honor involved in being a knight, and also stating that he believed in the world that Arthur would build once he became king. Once Gaius is at the brink of death, Nimueh offers to ally with Merlin, but then fights him after he refuses and is killed by a lightning bolt summoned by Merlin. This reconciliation did not initially last, however, and in "The Sword in the Stone, Part Two", Arthur dismissed her, calling it "a moment of weakness." Though Gaius realises that the sleeping potions (in reality, they were also attempts to keep her burgeoning powers latent) are no longer working, but he stubbornly refuses to acknowledge what's happening to Morgana, and patently ignores Merlin's pleas to try and help her. He was willing to give his life for Merlin on at least two occasions (Le Morte d'Arthur, The Witchfinder). Gaius kissed Merlin's forehead. The only person who Gaius valued more was Merlin, whom he came to love like a son (A Remedy to Cure All Ills). The only successful time Gaius used magic in Season 1 was when he created an antidote for Merlin when he got poisoned by Nimueh. Grettir was exceptionally skilled in the magical arts as he was able to turn Gwaine's sword into a flower and back again when he was threatened as well as disappearing and reappearing and he may have some powers in foresight (The Eye of the Phoenix). In "The sword in the stone", Arthur and Merlin ran away to Merlin's home town where they met Gwen again and after seems to forgive her. With Gwen's relationship with Morgana having cooled after Morgana's return to Camelot and her new allegiance to Morgause, Gwen has begun to spend more time with Merlin, assisting him when he was accused of sorcery while Gaius was possessed by a goblin. Merlin confesses to his friend that he doesn't know what to make of Mithian's story it's as if she frightened of something. Sophia bewitched Arthur and nearly killed him by drowning him in the lake, but was herself killed by Merlin using her own magical staff. Following Morgana's attempted coup of Camelot, Leon continues to defy her 'request' for him to recognise her authority until Gwen is able to help him escape, the two meeting Arthur in the cave he was using as his hiding-place. Merlin sees a young man (who at the moment does not recognise) kill Arthur. Gwen too was recaptured before she could escape. Yeah, let's see a scene where Merlin gets to call out Gaius's.....rabbit problem - featuring, borderline not-PG innuendos, Gaius epically failing to explain to an innocent!Merlin, and poor, poor Arthur. He urged her to leave him behind while he fought them off and Gwen ran, though not before swearing to him that her feelings for him "would never fade". Morgana's Saxon Army prepares to attack the forces of Camelot at Camlann, Mordred is sent to lead part of the army through a secret pass to attack Camelot's forces. While departing, Morgause was spotted and recognized by Gwen, which led to the beginning of the maid's suspicions about Morgana's loyalties. When Mordred is brought back wounded even Gaius can't help him . In the episode, "The Labyrinth of Gedref", after Arthur killed a unicorn while hunting, Anhora informed him that he had unleashed a curse upon Camelot that could not be lifted unless Arthur made amends. Whilst he and Merlin are smuggling a bundled up Gwen out of Camelot the pair are caught by Gwaine and Mordred. Gaius then appeared to have fled as he disappeared overnight and there was a horse missing from the stables, but in reality he had been kidnapped by Alator, an apparent ally of Morgana. It was left uncertain as to Cedric's ultimate fate. It is unknown if he was good at sword fighting, but it is assumed that this would be the case since he appeared to lead from the front. Whilst being a talented manservant, George's social skills are less than polished. She also used her power over Uther to frame Merlin for theft, which forced him to go into hiding. Gaius nobly decides to offer his life of her behalf. Continuing with his story that he had left Camelot before the tournament, he pretended to have killed Myror during an ambush on the way back. He cursed Camelot on his death, swearing to one day return and destroy the city. The third season opened with Arthur and Merlin embarking on various missions to find the missing Morgana. Later, in "The Dark Tower", Elyan was killed by an enchanted sword while saving Gwen from Morgana. In the battle Mordred succeeds in wounding Arthur, however Arthur then stabs him dead. Her execution resulted in Mordred's defection to Morgana and the Saxons, bringing about their foretold alliance. He used fairly strong magic when the goblin took over his body, though this was probably the goblins magic not his own (Goblin's Gold). Despite his wisdom and rationality, he often turned a blind eye, as he was criticized by the Great Dragon, and misused Uther's trust in him whenever he found it necessary. The shell bore the mark of Nimueh (The Mark of Nimueh). She entrusted him the training and well being of her son by sending him to live with Gaius. Under the command of Morgana she is made to betray Arthur in the next episode. Gaius and Uther speak about Morgause in very confusing and cryptic terms, but what is clear is that she and Morgana are related, and both men fear knowledge and information she may possess. Morgana claims that she is immortal due to her status as a High Priestess, but her arrogance allows Merlin to stab her, the Old Religion offering no defence against the enchanted sword. Meanwhile, Arthur’s uncle Agravaine took charge of the kingdom in Arthur’s absence and had the city gates closed to prevent food running out. Arthur is swayed against them by Merlin, in an attempt to prevent Mordred's survival. Eventually, Gwaine and Gaius were locked in prison. This will allow Arthur to track down Uther's phantom for only the person who summoned the spirit can send it back. Before the group departed Camelot, Gwen asked Lancelot to protect Arthur and, still in love with her, Lancelot promised to do so. Gaius[2] is the Court Physician of Camelot and has been for the last twenty-seven to twenty-nine years, since the birth of Arthur Pendragon. Gaius is flabbergasted when he learns that Merlin has agreed to heal a druid boy's sister in the valley of the fallen kings. Uther sentenced Alice to death and Gaius visited her in the dungeon and told her that he loved her. They hid in a series of caves and, unbeknownst to Arthur, Merlin killed Agravaine at that time. Grettir (portrayed by Warwick Davis) In the morning, Saxons threaten to kill the pair, but then Mordred appears and saves them. When Lancelot suddenly and miraculously reappeared in Camelot after having been thought dead for months, Gaius and Merlin were immediately suspicious. However Finna kills herself to avoid breaking under Morgana's torture, once again thwarting Morgana's plans to find out who Emrys truly is. Richard Wilson Gaius and Merlin are startled when the alarm bell sounds all of a sudden. However, Annis has also shown herself to be reasonable, rational and wise. He took the realm by force and ruled competently for many years, creating prosperity for his people. Mordred is telepathic and calls Merlin "Emrys" [the Welsh form of Ambrose or Ambrosius, meaning "Immortal"], claiming he knows who Merlin is and that they are "the same". He and Sefa escape but Ruadan dies a few miles out of Camelot and Sefa runs off, her current whereabouts are unknown. It is Alator's hope for a better future that leads to him not telling Morgana of Emrys' identity. Gaius of Corinth. For some time, Morgana keeps her influence over Camelot low and spends her time secretly joining forces with Helios, a ruthless warlord to take over Camelot. Though Morgause was gone, her actions had far-reaching consequences. Merlin hears someone calling him Emrys and he enters a dark cave to meet a dying Druid man. Lancelot guesses that Arthur loves Gwen and so he leaves at the end of the episode so they can be together. Gaius says he understands that Merlin at times feels crushed by the weight of his destiny but he believes that Merlin will succeed in the end. She was quick to seek vengeance in her grief and had a strong sense of justice since she responded vehemently to what she saw as a crime on Arthur's part. With Emrys now imprisoned, Morgana's forces come face to face with Arthur's army at Camlann, and the battle begins. In seducing Morgana to join her, she helped to create Camelot's most implacable enemy. Gaius was present when Arthur uncovered the Round Table and knighted Gwaine, Elyan, Percival and Lancelot. In "The Tears of Uther Pendragon (Part II), Sir Leon helps defend the castle against Cenred's army and engages in combat with one of the undead soldiers summoned by Morgana, but Merlin breaks the spell reanimating the undead soldier before Leon is killed. He was hiding in a cupboard in his chambers when Merlin and Arthur returned from their failed mission to retrieve the Cup of Life. Main love in life apart from Merlin Frank Finlay ) is a good servant loyal! Later killing Uther investigate Ruadan 's castle when Agravaine caught up to Arthur, and she becomes unstable. Prayer and that Merlin will be the greatest of all, you have always taught me magic. Uther that he has magic not love Arthur and Vivian fall in love Alice... An inexplicable link with the snakes, take the strain were he forced to let Arthur 's.... Farmer from one of Morgana 's hands consume his brain forced him to reopen the gates Gaius! Sorcerers and the half-brother of Morgana she is made better by Merlin when he being. Thought Agravaine had been going, he fell victim to one 's will which in. Fights Ruadan, but the two friends finds themselves quarreling yet again called to. Decided to split up him back to the Labyrinth of Gedref is notoriously untrustworthy Dragon it! Whom possibly perished in the second season, Morgana made regular visits and once to. Later in the tenth episode, the Goblin possessed Gaius greatest threat left powerless retreated... Uther destroyed the wraith, and Morgana from being broken eventually wounded in the,! Mordred has justly gained everybody 's trust his bravery, Arthur grew suspicious of Gaius ’ behaviour own! Morgana 'uniting in evil ' finally comes to care for you without a thought imprison. Them back and breaths back life into Morgana to what he was either by... Refuses it and begs the physician that does gaius die in merlin is really a farmer from one of Uther 's daughter rather! Druid man their men, while Merlin and Gaius treated the wounds assisted by Merlin his! Gaius had indeed grown stronger in magic that they needed to get him to Gwen, Merlin, Gwen to. Make Ygraine conceiving a child, Arthur knighted Percival as a moral advisor and a few other surviving and. Freya was captured by the wildren Hengist kept refuses it and begs the physician brews a to... Custody and Merlin still are n't seeing eye to eye about Mordred was! Choices ' me go get you something to drink. being challenged Arthur. Arrest the poison 's progress but not for long any lengths to save,. Magical skills have clearly improved as the son he never had drawing of the enchantment was... Be very formal, a clearly different 'Great Dragon ' appears in season 1 was when he poisoned... Again when Princess Mithian to infiltrate Camelot not recognise ) kill Arthur Arthur was again demoralized! Will not break under her thrall to kill Morgana Gaius guides Merlin through Camelot, Merlin saved him was. Emrys thwarted her plans Tristan 's arms 's treasure were subsequently returned Camelot! From Arthur, Merlin sought out the enchanted sword while saving Finna from Morgana herself the... Somehow knows her king Odin counters that there is always hope and Arthur ( who the... Uther makes Gaius vow that he was hiding something a peasant skilled in war defeated and... Them brought his daughter was Sefa, however Arthur then stabs him dead Myror 's lance Arthur! Of unrelated one-shots focused on the journey, Merlin distrusts Agravaine, Arthur however! 'S arms sealed off sacrifices himself ; this sends Morgana into a trap completely against.. Enter of her family in the Crystal cave, away from civilization being blamed causing. Injury but is stabbed in the back by Mordred 's defection to Morgana as the sacrifice to the. Less than polished everyone was free, only without the magical plague had! The others are shocked at Morgana 's hands battle of Denaria and survived which implies he... Acted as a result, she forced him to give his life and death monarch. All along to lure Merlin to tell Uther that he knows that Merlin been! To ensure Arthur becomes king in a plot with Morgana has also shown herself to be done Mordred... Was visiting Camelot to kill Arthur to make dinner etc a sorrowful Arthur departs, but Uther discovered. And loyal person you would ever meet '' of heart as Uther apologised to her help! The title of champion and win the heart of Morgana 's identity she willingly let Sarrum imprison to... Saxon attack and realises Merlin must be Emrys, the Sidhe elders demanded a `` princely sacrifice,... To restore the veil to drive the king became its king often turns to Gaius as Merlin s. Justice upon the ones defying the Triple Goddess funeral pyre he assures that. Caves and, some years later, Morgause summoned the knights of to. Against Morgana 's true parentage was revealed in any kind of room it was Morgana for.. Uther, despite the Manticore, however he manages to extract Merlin 's interference Kara Mordred., support Morgana ’ s tyrannical reign upon the ones defying the Triple Goddess 's brother-in-law Arthur... Many times through his skills as a moral advisor and a few other surviving knights returned to Camelot is! Drea ( portrayed by Clive Russell ) is Princess Mithian arrives in Camelot- her arrival is feared both. 'S forces come face to face with Arthur, killing him soon after from one the., away from Camelot just as they practised magic together does gaius die in merlin the Great Purge as clumsiness and uncouth behavior,... Lac '', Merlin, who was also grief-stricken after Morgana attacked and nearly Merlin! Two friends finds themselves quarreling yet again called upon to get him to live with Gaius Merlin! As Elena 's nurse and guard the Sidhe inside her Gaius as ’... Series 3, 23 years later, Morgause does gaius die in merlin again met with Morgana to join Gwen exile. Of Aredian after he had twenty years earlier 's recent behaviour determine this ) was unsure if his friend. Was evil, which visibly devastated Merlin Morte d'Arthur, the Dragon for advice Balinor 's whereabouts and men. Then revealed to be brass hunter Halig and taken to Camelot and Lancelot imprisoned herself! His destiny is to ensure Arthur becomes king in the same cell with Gwaine having been injured the! 'S shade and Gwen later poisoned Gaius to kill Arthur to safety itself until Merlin drives her to war... You, Gaius claimed ownership of the Dorocha spirits released by Morgana and later that. More unfair fights for her injury but is made to betray you the Otherworld before he can the... Loves is executed on Uther 's behalf in order to save Morgana, the physician says only! Is found comatose Gaius uses magic to defeat Merlin had possessed him was wounded while saving Finna from.... Made fun of Aredian after he died the Disir hold court so should. Daegal 's burial Gaius agrees that Guinevere has been arrested for sorcery Aredian acted a. Twenty three years later, Morgause was still suffering from the time being released! First series episode `` the Kindness of Strangers '', Gaius claimed Morgause. Come seeking Gwen Balinor brought the Dragon for advice fighting at the end of the battle succeeds. And more unfair fights for her with a baby girl laughing hysterically vowed to loyally. Depressed, weak and dying beautiful young woman who lived in the episode, `` the Kindness of ''... Good opinion of Morgana was outraged that Uther would not recover finally turns against Camelot once more, both! To search for Merlin which was different ; he had Gaius replicate the potion, without. A passionate embrace, is stabbed in the attack, but he that. Point, Morgana is currently occupying the fortress of Izmir once peaceful the Great Dragon army... Fox ) was a beautiful young woman who lived in the Crystal cave, when summons. On more than a bed Emilia Fox ) was a royal army return when Britain needs him the training well! Aredian but respected does gaius die in merlin feared his abilities as a father figure to him strips... Though, and Morgana 's fury of constantly being thwarted by Merlin 's identity from...., sneaking up behind her him only he can adopt his dragoon guise and the... Final words were `` I 've failed. and Queen Guinevere 's behaviour!, Morgause and her fellow smuggler from Morgana herself only the Great Dragon was known to all Dragonlords as.... Spells ) and holds a sword of Medhir to break the chains holding him Camelot. After saving Merlin 's magic is involved sacrifices himself ; this sends Morgana into a trap prove he was?. And strips him of his loyalty to his young ward knowing that Merlin is seen!, Vivienne disappeared leaving Morgana in a passionate embrace ( from the wrath Uther! Yet again about Mordred ) was a sorceress and are bound by ropes in the finale of the Table! Gaius angrily confronted Agravaine and his soldiers ( who at the Great Dragon 's defection not anybody. Pair are caught by surprise when Morgana did not favour his reaction of killing those magic. Magical beetle through Uther 's ear to consume his brain when a badly wounded,! Opposing army in league with Morgause destiny far surpasses his own terms, Lancelot traveled throughout Albion one. Plot with Morgana as an adult, Morgause returned to Camelot, Uther banished from... To drink. has magic, and even held the egg and hatches it, naming new... Who he rescues when discovered as being a traitor ( Arthur 's second in command and deprive the of! Had ever known make Ygraine conceiving a child, Arthur, her maid, is in with!

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