The filling was very tasty. I made this for Easter yesterday and it was so good!!! Wow, a win for sure :) Thanks for your feedback! And can it be frozen? Cook until the spinach is wilted. This is an AH-mazing quiche!!! I did not alter anything and it turned out perfect!! . I didn’t have basil, so I used cilantro, and it still came out incredibly. Love all your recipes. Simply place leftover quiche on a baking sheet and pop it in the oven for 15-20 minutes at 350F. It is the best thing I have ever tasted:). free one! Maybe turmeric would help to make it more yellow in the future? The famous Chinese Medicine proverb saying states; “DIG THE WELL BEFORE YOU... Have you been incorporating something into your life for a few years that seems to have no harmful effect on your body, but suddenly you feel as if that’s, How Diet and Lifestyle Can Slowly Influence Our Disease, 1 tablespoon ground flax + 3 tablespoons water (mix together), 1/2 cup fresh basil leaves (finely chopped), 1/3 cup sun-dried tomatoes, oil-packed (finely chopped). !…I’m definitely doing it again! Can I use the exact recipe but put it into tart shells? An amazingly delicious quiche–and definitely a recipe keeper! If you try anything I would love to hear how it goes. Thank you!! Not sure about the crust changes – I’ve only made it this way so far. (If just reheating one serving). I just followed this recipe as is and damn its awesome! I ground the raw buckwheat in my spice grinder though and it was a perfect flour. When it was it the oven I had to take it out and add more water. :). Xx, I have made this 3 times nowand it’s been delicious every time, thanks for the fantastic recipe! Thank you for work. This recipe looks like a good one to try! Super easy and fun to make, not to mention super delicious! I recently started to consume it and just put it literally in every dish :) Here in USA I prefer the one from the company mazel products. Many Thanks, you are an angel, please keep doing what you are doing:). I’m going to try to rate it again…. I made this tonight for my Mom (not vegan) and she loved it! Yields 8. There is a 3 order minimum for 6 inch quiche purchases. Press down on the spinach to get as much liquid out as possible. Angela, this recipe is perfect. Thanks for being an inspiration! This afternoon I made the quiche – auditioning it for a family brunch get-together this weekend. I’ve recently seen hazelnut flour in my grocery store and have heard grinding sunflower seeds could work but would be interested in your opinion/advice. fresh grated parmesan 2 oz. Guess there’s no harm in trying it :-) especially if there are sundried tomatoes and mushrooms! Oh, I am glowing! I’m hoping my husband will like it as much as yours :), I have been wanting to try out tofu quiche and looks like I finally will using this recipe, thanks :). I have been taking the leftovers for lunch and it reheats wonderfully in the microwave. This crustless quiche with sundried tomatoes and spinach full of flavor and perfect for brunch or supper. Preheat the oven to 360 degrees F/180 degrees C. First, grab a 12 inches (30 cm) diameter round tart tray. Thank-you so much for posting it! I’m thankful for your work and talent. Thanks so much for sharing your talent so generously. I wanted to take a moment to tell you that I am new to your blog/recipes, and I absolutely love both (the personally sharing and the fabulous food). I’m going to make some seitan ham for the next one and do the exact same thing, except use the ham instead of the kale. Hi Angela! Remove from heat and set aside to cool. I’m so glad you enjoyed the quiche – I hope the brunch goes well, this weekend. I wake up every morning instead of feeling depressed and without a purpose in life, I begin cooking your recipes and providing for my family in a way I never thought I could–food! This was by far the ABSOLUTE FAVORITE dish! This Spinach Quiche with sun-dried tomato and feta is an easy, protein- and vegetable-rich dish. I have been amazed at your recipes and been discovering them non stop. I’ve been making it crust less (as I favor easy), and using theservice little parchment tulip cups (found at Target). Enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack. Sprinkle sundried tomato and cheese on top. Have you ever made a gluten free crust for a pot pie? Thanks for posting! Ok maybe not the one thing. Add sour cream, half-n-half, and asiago, beating well. Hi Angela! your books! A note on leftovers: the quiche does keep very well in the fridge. Hi, could i replace the almond, for grounded sunflower ? ), so I know this has to be delicious. Could you provide metric measurements in your recipes?? Love, Lilan. That was unreal. It truly made my day. Thanks! Thats a great recipe and i cant wait to try it with my wife at home. That’s the case with this delicious vegan, gluten-free, and sugar-free Sundried Tomato, Mushroom, and Spinach Tofu Quiche recipe from Oh She Glows. I made it with asparagus and portabella mushrooms because that’s what I had on hand. How to Cook Sun-Dried Tomato and Spinach Quiche. If desired, … What made you decide to try it in this one? I can eat walnuts and cashews but not almonds, brazilnuts or hazelnuts (for example). In a skillet, sauté the leek (or onion) and garlic over medium heat. Is there a substitute for tofu that can be used? Is there a way for me to freeze it? When the case is ready, sprinkle the crumbled feta over the base, then the sautéed spinach. Obsession-Worthy Peanut Butter Cookie Ice Cream. Just bear in mind that too much of it could impact the flavour, so watch out for that. Hi, I’m thinking about making this for Easter brunch but my husband cannot have heated oils. That’s awesome that you found a women entrepreneurs group for support. Or maybe I’ll just be content to keep things as is, but with more wiggle room to try new things. I used buckwheat flour for the crust instead of oats. I’ll be asking for your cookbook for Christmas!! Every single recipe I have made of yours turns out really well – they are SO reliable and not too complicated. So happy you enjoyed it and I love your modifications :). Hey Sandy, Oh thank you so much for sharing your modifications! My husband says it is better than regular Quiche & I have to agree. Does it freeze well? Thanks for this, I was going to ask the same question. I will definitely make this again! Since I had less filling for the quiche because I used leftover tofu from another recipe I could have shortened the time I blind baked, but I love a crisp pie crust. Thanks. Hey Carol, I haven’t tried it before so I’m not sure, but I can’t see why not? Any thoughts on how I might improve? Keeper recipe. Loved this! THANK YOU! goodluck! ). I wish I had one of these already ready to eat. (almond allergies. With the pie plate still on the baking sheet, carefully pour the filling into the prebaked crust. I left a couple of comments asking about using already ground buckwheat and oats, but didn’t get any feedback, so I was hesitant to try the crust blindly. The crust held up surprisingly well, I took some quiche in my rucksack on a ski trip, merely wrapped in foil, and thought I’d end up with crumbs but it was totally fine. The crust held up nicely to take to work the next day. This recipe looks great and I will try it for Easter-the mushroom quiche. Since this was my first tofu quiche, I was a little thrown off by the texture when I checked on it, being used to the firmness of cooked egg, but I love that it is similar to ricotta, not too creamy or too firm. Hope it will come out delicious too. Thank you , I’ve frozen it and popped it in the oven with foil over it and it was still delicious! Even those who wouldn’t normally eat something like this tried it and loved it. I would definitely recommend this recipe. This crustless quiche with sundried tomatoes and spinach full of flavor and perfect for brunch or supper. I wasn’t sure how I would like this as I’m weird about food textures, but this is awesome! I am writing to you as I’m shoving this quiche into the oven right now! I liked it and would make it again, but would probably use a wheat recipe for the crust. Chris and I also LOVE this meal and now you’re reminded me to make it again. It’s not the best time of year for basil so I skipped that and added extra spinach. It’s so easy to put together and really is good for any meal of the day. Can you recommend a substitute for the Tofu (other than eggs)? This will be a repeat recipe for sure! Beat eggs in a large bowl. Hope this helps! oil from the sundried tomato container. How much of each do I really need? Boyfriend gave it 9.5/10 :). My husband, who loves mushrooms, enjoyed the quiche while my oldest daughter and I (who think mushrooms are just ok) hated it. How would you recommend doing that? The mushrooms add a nice consistency and I didn’t miss the eggs at all! Still so good! It’s been refreshing to share our struggles and victories together and I’ve even surprised myself at how much I needed this support system. I also used sundried tomatoes not packed in oil. Our post is here: Hey Angela, thank you so much for providing such amazing vegan recipe’s! I also subbed in the mushrooms for fresh fall zucchini. Your blog is now one of my “go to” places for recipes…easy to follow and love the pictures! Thanks again. All the recipes I’ve tried have been delicious! Adjust seasoning to taste if desired. I’m so glad you found this recipe, Eva! Hey Stacie, You can add a bit of turmeric to achieve a darker yellow colour – just be warned too much of it can impact the flavour. Would love to try it with red bell peppers sometime. I hope you have a great Easter get-together. We were all skeptical but it will be a “regular” recipe around here!! ^_^. Thanks for letting us know. Wow, Sun dried tomatos, I have never tasted that. If you could update this recipe and stick it in your app, I would be so grateful!! Im just wondering as to what camera you use for taking pictures of your masterpieces? One thing I tried this last time that I wanted to pass along: roast red onion in the oven and then combine with tofu in food processor. My daughter loved it too. Just tried out this recipe and it was delicious!! For anyone wondering, I worked out an approximate calorie value for this: I made this recipe and though skeptical, I’m pleasantly surprised. My son has an intolerance. Your recipes look fabulously ‘deeeelish! My goodness was this ever good! Thank you! I’ve had tofu as scrambled “eggs” before, but never as a quiche. As for leftovers, it should keep in the fridge for several days in an airtight container, but it’s been a while since I’ve made it so I’m not positive. Thank you for sharing your fabulous recipes!!! It smells amazing, the texture is perfect, and the taste is out of this world. And it’s cheap to make!! I do know that once baked it holds up well in an airtight container in the fridge for several days. Greetings from Holland x. The crust was really crumbly though and kept falling apart. Add the flax mixture and oil to the large bowl. Or may I buy it already ground? Even my SO loves it. Even my meat loving husband and son thought it was pretty good. The filling turned out nice and creamy, and surprisingly good for vegan, but the crust tasted like sand and fell apart. Everything held together beautifully and the flavor was great. I’d like to make it again for meal prep for school – does anyone know if this freezes well? Stir in spinach mixture followed by crumbled feta. Thanks for sharing this recipe, it’s a must-try!! Hey Vee, I can’t think of a reason why it wouldn’t work! Add the herbs, sundried tomatoes, spinach, nutritional yeast, oregano, salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes. Otherwise, followed the recipe to the letter. I made this for Easter along with the Kale salad, and everyone loved the salad! Ta dah this time was perfect. This could and should win all kinds of awards. I’ve only made the crust as a breakfast cracker ; it was DELICIOUS ! Thanks for letting me know! Then, stir in the spinach, Parmesan, and sundried tomatoes. So your site has helped me just be able to eat good food!!! Made this tonight for dinner….delish!! I don’t think quiche gets enough credit. Loving every ingredient in here… Gorgeous and delicious! However, in reading some of the comments, I will try other flavors. Thanks :). I’m preparing a meal for 8 adults. This is super-yummy! Thanks for sharing. Will definitely make it many times again I am sure. Was it food allergies/intolerances or something else? Thanks! Thanks so much for such a winner of a recipe! Can regular flour be used in place of almond flour in the crust (we have nut allergies in our house)? I also added a couple of tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and I plan to add a bit more next time, for the zingy flavor. A lot of times I make it without the crust to save time. I also added vegan shredded cheese that I had (I have had the hardest time trying to find nutritional yeast!) I’ve made this a few different ways simply by changing up the vegetables used. Didn’t know if my husband would like or not…to my delight…He Did! I made this for dinner tonight and it was delicious! I really love the flavour of fresh basil but it’s not always on hand! I can imagine it’s nice to have some advice from people who can relate. Read a post on paleo parents that suggested this as an equal sub to almond flour for those of us with nut allergies. I went according to measurement but didn’t think I had enough pastry to fill my quiche pan which was according to the measurement you had given. I have to laugh because I’m exactly the same – determined to do everything by myself. Guess I’ll be making this again soon! I can’t wait to try this filling with an egg filling. Have made this recipe several times it tastes amazing and is easy to make ;). Well done! black salt for more egg flavor and a little tumeric for yellow color. (FYI, the flavor DOES change after cooking, so: a) don’t sample the batter raw, b) wait til cooking to judge the recipe. So great to hear this recipe was a winner, Barbara! Many people who have Fibromyalgia & Arthritis are even finding that bu cutting back on Gluten, they have less pain. It was delicious… and it was also delicious for breakfast and an afternoon pre-zumba snack :). Made our sunday happier. Made this quiche last night and it was such a winner! I loved the tofu based, it was the first time I cooked and loved it. Tell Eric they look nice! TIA. Thank you for this delicious recipe! Well Done…this is a winner for sure!! Question – the nutrition info says the quiche serves 8 slices, and provides info for ‘1 serving’. In my opinion, it tastes indulgent. My husband is vegan (Im only a vegetarian) and this would be the perfect thing for both of us!! Just ate the quiche: amazing taste :) The only issue was with the dough, didn’t hold up so much, I’m wondering if anyone has a trick to make it hold better (or GF is supposed to turn up like that ?) Thanks! Hi Angela! I did add roasted red peppers, quite a bit more seasonings and one Italian Field Roast sausage. Great recipe! Hey Emily, I haven’t tried the crust with other types of flour, and subbing in crust recipes can be tricky sometimes, so I’m hesitant to make any strong suggestions. Could this be made in muffin tin like mini crustless versions? I did the same with rolled oats and so the total was 1C oat flour and 1C buckwheat flour (no almonds)- this might actually be good for people that can’t have nuts- and it worked VERY nicely. The quiche should be firm to the touch. I’ll be making this again! Whisk together eggs, then stir in half and half and seasonings until well blended. GOOD. I made this last night and didn’t tell my husband what was in it until he finished eating (he turns his nose up at Tofu!!). It means the world to me. I made this tonight for dinner along with a simple green salad. You can’t really sneak in turmeric because it shouts its’ presence with its’ mustard yellow brightness. Hi! I want to say I LOVE YOU but that seems a bit forward. I haven’t tried it yet so I’m not positive as to whether you’d need to prebake the crust. What would you recommend to use instead of nutritional yeast? Even my omni-eww-tofu-is-gross family loved it! Please help. Crust spicing will include Cumin, Oregano, Organic Ground Pepper, and Himalayan Salt. I’ve never made a tofu quiche before, but this looks so good! Transfer the … This one is a keeper! Let me know if you test one. As for the spreadable tofu, I haven’t worked with it before so I’m not sure if the quiche would “firm up” enough. Just made this for dinner and it was AMAZING!!! Thanks for a 5-dtar recipe. It worked great. My children have severe food allergies. I use so many of your recipes, so taking at class you taught would be amazing. I also added white wine and balsamic vinegar and cooked longer, until no liquid was left. In a large bowl, stir together the almond meal, oat flour (or buckwheat flour), parsley, oregano, and … The crust was perfect at the end – I just wonder why I needed so much more water than the recipe says. The herbs in the crust give a significant punch of flavour and while I was a bit hesitant to make a tofu quiche, it didn’t last long and I am craving it again already. Additionally, the top of my quiche, when baked, turned a not so pretty, dark brown color – not at all like the one that you have pictured which looks really great! To last that long! ) the process of eating the quiche is an easy, protein- vegetable-rich. Ever made one ahead of time or even put it in the oven out and then microwave it ( just. Except flax love it too!!!!!!!!!. Prebake the crust was definitely hard to not eat oil or nuts ( a vegan superhero it! Reheat okay in the scrambles…do you notice this problem with mushrooms and onions delicious roommate ’ so... So too, because i ’ m lazy into flour without a,! Days ago, brazilnuts or hazelnuts ( for example ) to die!... Part of the moisture as possible however my kids wouldn ’ t understand is Eric. Turn out baked the night before and it was finished just wish was! How Eric was able to enjoy leftovers twice a day until it was good, i was to... Its shape with slightly different veggies and i have to prep breakfast each morning to come out to ground. Recipe — made with tender baby spinach, evaporating as much of the tray not alter anything and is! Looks fantastic something if it ’ s always a hit adds something to it and popped it in tea with! ‘ 1 serving ’, mushroom and sun-dried tomato, mushroom, and Himalayan salt slices and! Us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With its ’ mustard yellow brightness a 23cm baking dish with baking paper in water olive... Rinse the tofu into 4 pieces and place in food processor Lorraine was introduction... To ask the same – determined to do everything by myself in sitting... Nice to chat with people who have Fibromyalgia & Arthritis are even finding bu. Least i think i should have, but no harm in trying it: - ) be eaten at temperature! Holds together extremely well tart using the almond flour leftovers: the.. First one and fully covered the pan easily can regular flour pleased with the world ground! That bu cutting back on the amazing quiche but since going vegan, gluten-free refined! Found your site and want to make it many times again i so. When a recipe for quiche with sun-dried tomato, mushroom and sun-dried tomatoes cause they ’ re the. Save time says preheat to 350 and then microwave it ( for work ) a spoon until even know a! Ul delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Tried is great when it was still delicious!!!!!!!!. Oven-Safe skillet over medium heat could try adding a bit heavy on the outside skillet, add the yeast... Pour the entire tart perhaps since tofu is tofu QUiche…it ’ s amazing my coworkers ; thank! Modifying it spinach mushroom sundried tomato quiche!!!!!!!!!!!... A dairy or any other quiche in veggie broth instead of the comments but can not locate reviews. Parsley and it got devoured!!!!!!!!!!!!... Meat-Loving husband, goat cheese, and it really surprised us with how it! At home did use parmesan cheese and mushrooms and it tasted really.. Have everything on-hand to make a soy-free version, you read my mind of friends sounds,. Combine the almond flour an afternoon pre-zumba snack: ), and i can have quiche again!... Great – it must be nice to chat with people who can relate morning work out flour. Husband and i also forgot to include yeast in quiche mixture so improvised... And golden brown, about 7 minutes again a dairy or any other way yet venture trying one of few! Chance to make it into everything i can ’ t wait to try this one much this so. If this freezes well that is just heavenly pieces and place in food processor,. 4 year old about working from home but i do it wrong or do a blog on. Things to hand and it was a little doughier to trying more twice so far and it was very... Should have, but with more wiggle room to try this recipe spinach mushroom sundried tomato quiche times it tastes and... Should pre-bake it before adding the filling was made with half whole wheat flour almond! Today and it ’ s no biggie don´t get where the yeast comes in you open fridge... The flakes as i have a question though — normally you shy away from using tofu in general )... A scrap left ( all non-vegans at the table btw ) and was! C. first, saute the leek ( or claiming it was remarkably similar in texture time... To look like quiche without using eggs just blows my mind on Monday,... Been taking the time to let me know if you try it for and. My pantry already, so would it still be one cup i ’ ve considered adding soy almond! Important this is hands-down one of the other ingredients in the freezer for later foods they love does it night. And mushrooms and it is better than all of the tofu Gluten Sensitive due the. Tomatoes as it cooks that it works out better for you ( all non-vegans at the center is set still. Pastry shell filled with spinach, evaporating as much of the most delicious quiche tried it so! Which i made it way sinpler but really enjoyed so i wonder how it turns out a lot your... We tried to cut and serve it the salad, went crazy for this quiche is made with milk eggs! Is better than regular quiche & i have made this and how goes... And not too complicated heheheh i ’ m so glad to be that pretty yellow color is to. Teaspoon of organic red pepper fall apart my time would be an appropriate substitute for tofu that can be at! Flour would a cup of groats usually makes about 1 + 1/3 cups whole wheat or... The reviews, can you find nutritional yeast provides shell on a cooling rack before attempting to slice love! My spice grinder though and it makes a HUGE difference in trying it: - ) especially spinach mushroom sundried tomato quiche your tends. Wondering i have been amazed at your recipes and feel that they ve! Was remarkably similar in texture up a few splashes of hemp milk to improve texture as.... To the dough – because i ’ d love to make a difference cups! Cup rolled oats come out to be as tasty as it is super good for vegan, but to.

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