The .300 Winchester Magnum was developed by the Winchester Arms Company. More expansion causes a larger wound and also transfers the energy carried by the bullet more efficiently. For others, the trend of the 7mm RM losing altitude at a slower rate than the .300 Win Mag as you increase the distance is very important. The Big Game Hunting Blog is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to,,,, and other Amazon stores worldwide. This was especially true with hand loads. The top two performing rounds are a 7mm Rem Mag and a .300 Win Mag option, and they only have a difference of .6″. Please note, the following information reflects the estimated average ballistics for each caliber and does not pertain to a particular manufacturer, bullet weight, or jacketing type. Because of this, we can easily compare two cartridges rather than having to look at the individual bullet types used. The 300 WM produces significantly higher recoil energy almost 30% more. … Got tons of one shot kills on game including long range. Thinking of buying my first hunting rifle – a Savage 110 No. At the same time, it was also extremely accurate (Ben Comfort famously won the 1935 Wimbledon Cup using the cartridge). Produces a ballistic trajectory chart and table that shows the drop, velocity, kinetic energy, windage, and trajectory of a bullet. Felt recoil will vary from shooter to shooter and rifle to rifle, but free recoil energy is still a useful way to compare the two cartridges. Read ballistics comparisons on the two rounds but was wondering which one you guys prefer and why? While it is obviously dependent on the exact weapon and ammunition chosen, the muzzle velocity is somewhere in the neighborhood of 2850 feet per second. Both cartridges will do the job, but the .300 Win Mag offers a clear advantage since it has a larger diameter and can use heavier bullet weights that are much better suited for extremely large and/or tough game. Survival. That’s the year Winchester brought to market its now famous .300 Winchester Magnum. Happy hunting, I have a 30-06 and I wanted to buy a flatter shooting rifle for elk in the western USA and open country plains buck in South Africa. Both cartridges are belted magnums that utilize modified .375 H&H Magnum cases. The trajectory is not quite as flat with the .375 as it is with the 7mm or .300, but it will fit the bill nicely out to 300 yards or so if you’re up to the task as a shooter. It w… With that in mind, it’s easy to see how many people get confused about the strengths and weaknesses of the .300 Winchester Magnum and 7mm Remington Magnum, particularly when discussing which cartridge is best for hunting particular animals under specific conditions. When we look at more rounds for each cartridge, we still see that the 7mm RM has higher velocities than the .300 WM rounds at each marker through the bullet’s range. Best of luck to you with your upcoming hunts! Right from the muzzle, the lowest .300 Win Mag round is carrying 3, of force while the highest 7mm Rem Mag round is carrying 3, of force. 6. And for hunters, where you might not have all the time in the world to take a shot, the fewer variables you have to account for the better. Approx 10 years ago I was about to start this process as I moved to Alaska and convinced I wanted a 300 WM, I’ve now refocused on a lower 48 Elk, Deer, Antelope rifle. Thecase is a rimless bottleneck with a large rifle magnum primer. Copyright © 2020 Big Game Hunting Adventures LLC | All Rights Reserved. One shot, one bear down. While both of these rounds can function in long range precision shooting, the majority of users are going to be using them in a hunting capacity. It is also important to keep the sectional density in mind when looking at momentum. If the conditions are right its possible to do it consistently but even at 400 yards a little bit of wind(it could be calm when you are about to pull the trigger and a small gust 10 … Close enough. In any case, after its introduction in 1962, the 7mm Remington Magnum quickly took over the market share of even the popular .264 Winchester Magnum. The averages of the rounds for each cartridge have a difference of less than .4”. Mag. For example, designers at Holland & Holland thought they created a real winner with the .300 H&H Magnum in the 1920s. I really like the comparison of the popular loads re: wind drift and drop. The physics and math behind the ballistic coefficient and its implications, while interesting, is not something we are going to attempt to convey in this article, but we do urge you to check it out. Like most ballistic and other performance specs we have looked at between the 7mm Rem Mag vs .300 Win Mag, there is not a whole lot of difference between the two cartridges. Below you will find the velocity averages for the two cartridges. The .300 Ultra Mag is known for lots of power along with minimal bullet drop and wind drift at extended range. The Ultimate Guide to Tanning Wild Game Pelts and Hides. That is not to say that there aren’t .300 Win Mag options that can give you very similar performances, but most would rather not deal with the increased recoil for dozens of shots within a short time frame. The .300 Remington Ultra Magnum was designed in 1999 by Remington Arms Company. Sectional density is a measure of the ratio of the diameter of a projectile to its mass. That kinetic energy is only one factor of a rounds stopping power, but it is an important one. I bought a Winchester Model 7mm Remington Magnum. In fact, the flattest shooting and steepest dropping round are both 7mm Rem Mag rounds. We have also added an additional 1,000 yard marker for those who like to push their limits. Sorry. Joined Jun 8, 2018 Messages 20. Additionally, because the cartridges are the same length and have the same rim diameter, rifles of the same model chambered in each cartridge are virtually identical to each other. This helps support the blog and allows me to continue to create free content that’s useful to hunters like yourself. As we move out to more distant markers, we start to see more of an advantage for the 7mm RM though it is still fairly close, and there are several .300 Win Mag rounds that shoot as flat or flatter than several 7mm RM rounds. Excellent article — however, I will stick to my 30-06s. All that being said, the 7mm Rem Mag still has a slight edge with most bullets in common use, even when compared to heavier .30 caliber bullets. While some of you might have no interest in the history of either of these rounds, we not only think it is interesting, but we think that if you have an idea of why these cartridges were designed and produced gives you a better understanding of their intended uses. Overall well thought out and written. Thanks for your support. I have both. When we look at the price of the 7mm Rem Mag vs .300 Win Mag, it can vary from round to round. I own a sako 223 , Sauer 243 , BRNO 308 , Brno 375 . But when hunting moose in Alaska I did go with a 300 WM for the bullet weight. A mature bull moose is going to require more penetration than a whitetail deer. All other things equal, a heavier projectile of a given caliber will be longer and therefore have a higher sectional density and consequently penetrate deeper than projectiles with a lower mass and sectional density. For the .300 Win Mag rounds, all of the them leave the muzzle with over 75lb/ft.s of momentum while all of the 7mm RM rounds are below the 70lb/ft.s mark. However, this is where the strengths and weaknesses of each cartridge start to diverge though. The ballistic performances based off three grain types for the 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum on a 26 inch test barrel for muzzle velocity are 3,425 ft/s (140 gr), 3,325 ft/s (150 gr), and 3,025 ft/s (175 gr). In this case, the 7mm Rem Mag shows slightly less bullet drop than the .300 Win Mag round and even at their most distinguishable range, we are only looking at around 5” difference. If we were to take averages of all the rounds, then there would be a slight advantage to for the 7mm Rem Mag rounds at each yard marker and each time the difference is less than 100fps. For that reason, both cartridges have the same rim diameter. However, the .300 Win Mag ammunition is not unreasonably priced. I started with an 06. We have compiled the velocities of the ten selected rounds from the manufacturer’s websites and have listed them here. Complete 7mm Remington Magnum Winchester ammunition ballistics Chart. Both are celebrated by hunters worldwide, but which one of these classic .30-caliber cartridges will come out on top It’s also an excellent cartridge for hunting most species of African plains game. Like the .308 Norma, the .300 Winchester Magnum essentially duplicated the performance of the .300 H&H Magnum in a shorter case that fit in a standard length rifle action. Take care, There are 7mm Rm rounds that outperform some .300 Win Mag and vice versa. vs. .300 Ultra Mag. That power comes at the expense of lots of recoil though. Some of these factors include the velocity, the caliber of the bullet, the weight of the bullet, and the bullet’s design. Not surprisingly, both cartridges have seen extensive use in long range shooting competitions and both are in common use among military and police snipers for precision shooting. Not as powerful and no longer as popular as it used to be but still excellent. Indeed, the 7mm Mag will shoot the same weight bullet faster than the .30-06. .300 WIN MAG. For one thing, the cartridge enabled shooters to fire the same weight bullet a couple hundred feet per second faster than the .30-06 Springfield could. 300 Ultra Mag or 300 Win Mag. While this is fine for comparing specific rounds, it doesn’t mean that the numbers are set in stone. Best Concealed Carry Insurance [Comparison Chart], If you’re looking at a cartridge comparison, you are going to end up looking at the ballistic categories. Cartridge Type: Rifle Height: 2.85" Width: 0.534" Average FPS: 3121 Average Energy: 3330 Average Gr: 154 Recoil: 2.13 Power Rank: 4.81 of 20 The 7mm Remington Ultra Magnum was designed in 2002 by Remington Arms Company. And for hunting purposes, we are not sure that an extra .300 of force is going to make much of a difference. As an example, 150 grain and 175 grain .284″ bullets. If we do go by this rule, the 7mm Rem Mag rounds still could be troublesome for some hunters and marksmen though still a good bit lighter than the .300 Win Mag rounds. We have also provided the average tables throughout the article below to make it a little easier for you as we move through this section. In fact, we don’t think there is a big enough difference in these categories to make you lean one way or the other regarding accuracy from the data we have looked at here. It fits actions designed for 30-06-length cartridges. Does the perfect muley cartridge really exist? It was released to the civilian market in 1962 and quickly gained popularity in the hunting world. So while the cartridge was moderately popular among shooters and hunters prior to World War II, the outsized length of the .300 H&H hampered more widespread acceptance of the cartridge and contributed to its decline in popularity during the ensuring decades. On the other hand, since it shoots heavier and larger diameter bullets, the .300 Win Mag has a clear advantage when hunting larger game like elk, moose, caribou, and red stag. I have a 375 ruger, but I’m looking for a second rifle for primarily deer and possibly elk. Mag. The rifles required to wring the maximum performance from the ultra-long range cartridges are typically fairly heavy rifles with 26" (or longer) barrels. Both are celebrated by hunters worldwide, but which one of these classic .30-caliber cartridges will come out on top Are you sensitive to recoil? And that is not to say that the 7mm RM rounds are not going to penetrate well. It is a common mistake to think that the maximal velocity you can get out of a round means a better overall performance. We hope that this cartridge comparison of the 7mm Rem Mag vs .300 Win Mag has given you an unbiased look at some of the ballistic and other performance properties of these two rounds. Here are the differences in averages of the 7mm Rem Mag vs .300 Win Mag; 300yds (.34”), 400yds (1.32”), 500yds (2.62”), 600yds (3.08”), and 700yds (6.96”). I’m talking 7mm-08 vs. .308; .280 Rem. The .300 Ultra Mag can fire the same weight bullet approximately 200-300fps faster than the .300 Win Mag. Since the .30-06 was mentioned in the comments…yes, it remains excellent for just about any situation one might reasonably encounter in North America. Do you hunt in Canada or Alaska and need a heavy hitting cartridge just in case you find yourself on the wrong end of a brown or grizzly bear attack? Kind of here by accident. Shooting game past 400 yards really isn't a good idea for anyone. Mag. This compares favorably to 150 grain and 180 grain . We can do the same exercise, but instead look how the weight of the bullet affects the SD. From this graph, we can see that the rounds do appear to group with rounds of their respective cartridge type. This way, you can have more data at your disposal if you are looking to make a decision, and it will also check our small sample group and help us confirm that the results we are seeing is accurate for the cartridges as a whole. Would love to see the same comparisons with 280AI, 28 nosler, 300 prc compared with the familiar 7RM and 300 wm. The biggest difference between the two cartridges is the size and weight of the bullets they fire though: the 7mm Remington Magnum uses .284″ bullets and the .300 Winchester Magnum uses .308″ bullets. We will look at several ballistic categories as well as other performance specs throughout the article, and we hope that in the end, you come away with information for a more educated decision based on your hunting and shooting needs. That is why you will see so many 300WM with muzzle breaks. By the time they reach the 500-yard mark, that difference is nearly cut in half to of difference. Thank you help me make this decision, any info would be appreciated. A blood mist blew out both sides of its chest as I looked through my scope as another hunter in our party shot. The .300 RUM is based on a blown-out .404 Jeffery with a rebated rim, generating velocities among the highest available. Heck, one person’s results can be different from day to day. What really convinced me was when I saw actually saw 2 rounds from a 300 Win Mag hit a 5x5 bull center chest at 400 yards. Thank you – great information and detail. an also the choice of quality brass. ; 7mm Ultra Mag. I always bring my 300 win mag as a back up incase my 06 scope gets bumped or for a really windy day, but my 06 is the go to rifle. Let’s take a look at the larger sample set and see how the two compare. 10.69 g (165 gr) Full Metal Jacket(FMJ): 3,075 ft/s I was all ready to buy a new rifle in 300 win mag, but after reading up on the issue of the inherent accuracy flaws from a belted magnum, I'm wondering if the 300 RUM might have better (or easier) potential to be … Like the smaller sample set and like the averages we saw when examining the short range trajectory, there is not a whole lot of difference between these cartridges. Don’t get me wrong, you can absolutely hunt really big species like elk or moose with the 7mm Rem Mag and hunters have cleanly killed untold numbers of those animals with the venerable 7mm Mag over the years. Though the 7mm Rem Mag rounds are a smaller caliber than the .300 Win Mag rounds, they also have lighter bullets. Buy an excellent .300 Winchester Magnum hunting rifle here. Using a fat, 404 Jeffery case 2.850" long with the 30-degree shoulder pushed well forward, Remington engineers were able to beat the case capacity of the 300 Wby. The difference between them (7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag) isn’t as great as it is sometimes made out to be and the animal will never know the difference if your shot is placed in the right spot. In my case, for most situations, I do prefer the somewhat lower recoil of the 7mm Rem Mag. This has been proved time and again for over 100 years, and both the .30-06 and .270 Win will be just as good in the future, possibly slightly better with new powder and bullet technology, as they are today. I have shot most of my stuff with a .300 Win mag and it has never failed me. In the table below, we have listed the average bullet momentum numbers over a 500-yard range for the forty compiled rounds. And with the internet at your disposal, finding exactly what you need has never been easier. The .300 Ultra Mag can fire the same weight bullet approximately 200-300fps faster than the .300 Win Mag. The .300 RUM can be hand loaded to surpass factory velocities by a considerable margin. Not only are you taking into account elevation but wind as well. This cartridge can be packed with large amounts of powder giving it a huge advantage in velocity and the ability to carry a large amount of energy over a greater distance. Even so, the advent of the .300 Winchester Magnum resulted in a sharp decline in popularity of the .308 Norma for two primary reasons. For comparison’s sake, we will look at Federal Power-Shok ammo, which is an excellent choice for hunting. By doing this, you as a reader has a better resource and source of knowledge to make your own decision. Do you primarily hunt deer, hogs, or black bear in an area where long distance shots past 200 yards are uncommon and bullet drop isn’t a big concern? While we will not be graphing all of these rounds (that would be a nightmare for your eyes) we have calculated averages for both and will present those at the end of each section. We have compiled the G1(for comparison of all bullet types) ballistic coefficients for each of the ten rounds and listed them here (Graph 3). Second, Winchester also started producing massive amounts of quality factory ammunition in .300 Win Mag and many of the other big ammunition companies soon followed. It’s a superb round. We are looking at the ft/s of each bullet as it moves from the muzzle out to 500 yards (Graph 2). The 300 WSM is a rebated rim, short-action round that fits 308-length rifle actions. Hard to go wrong with either. The 300 Win Mag really isn't needed,you would end up burning a lot more powder than either the 7 Mag or 30-06 for little real gain on game performance and pound yourself in the process. I found the 300 to be consistently more accurate than 7mm mags. As the names imply, the .300 Win Mag takes a 30-cal (.308″) bullet, while the 7mm Rem Mag takes a smaller caliber (.284″) bullet. Make sure you follow The Big Game Hunting Blog on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. Most hunts you can get within 200-300 yards and less and my 308 works just fine. Handgun Ballistics . The .300 Win Mag weighs 190 … I think we’re in agreement overall with the 7mm Mag and 300 Win Mag, it’s just a matter of degrees. For hunting purposes, shots out past 500 yards get pretty dicey so the 600 and 700-yard data points are not going to be as important to you as the .300 and 400 points. Not only is it because we don’t want the animal to get away and we don’t want to have to track it for miles, but we also respect the animals a great deal and letting one get away wounded is the last thing we want. Best 9mm Ammo 2019 [Self-Defense & Target], 6.5 Creedmoor vs .243 Win – Cartridge Comparison, Best .40 S&W Ammo: Self Defense & Target Practice. 300 Win Mag vs 338 Lapua vs 338 Win Mag: Picking The Right Heavy Hitter. It has one the best muzzle velocities and BCs of all the rounds we looked at so you have excellent downrange ballistics, including a flat trajectory. Let’s step out and take a look at the trajectories of the 7mm Rem Mag vs .300 Win Mag at increased distances (Graph 6). And you can’t discount the role recoil can play in accuracy. Where the RUM case is a 2.85-inch, magnum-length … At the 300 yard mark, we are looking at insignificant differences between the two cartridges. And in DOUBT , whats the right rifle .As we arent allowed to own many rifles with all our laws, and the weak rand makes everything in SA expensive for us ordinary citizens . It is also available in a wide array of bullet styles which gives it a lot of versatility. That power comes at the expense of lots of recoil though. The higher the BC, the better the bullet can cut through the wind, meaning it resists drag and wind drift much more efficiently than a bullet with a lower BC. Before we move on to the trajectories of these two cartridges, take a look at the average BCs of the larger sample size. If you want a flat shooting round for short hunting situations, both the 7mm RM and the .300 WM are going to get the job done. Mag. Velocity is also a key component in a bullet’s ability to expand, but for now, we are just going to stick with comparing the energies of the rounds involved. 25 ACP; 32 ACP; 327 Magnum ; 380 ACP; 9mm Luger; 357 Magnum; 357 SIG; 38 Special; 38 Super; 40 S&W; 10mm Auto; 41 Magnum; 44 Magnum; 44 … The .100″ bullet is going to have a larger SD than the .200″ bullet and theoretically, deeper penetration. While hand loading and the art of balancing the various components that go into a cartridge is a topic worth discussing, it is beyond the scope of this article. Since these two cartridges were nearly identical in their BC’s, let’s see if the same trend continues when you look at the short and long range trajectories. We first notice that the caliber of bullets that the casings will accept are different. Each cartridge is today the most popular magnum in its caliber, raising the question: Which is the best all-round hunting cartridge? For many years, the brand gratified customers with the 6mm, 7mm, 350, and 416 Remington Mag variants. vs. .300 Win. We also hope that you have come to the same conclusion as we have after researching these two cartridges. Even so, they have different strengths and weaknesses and the 7mm Rem Mag vs 300 Win Mag debate is still going strong over 50 years later. Either (assuming .300 Win Mag) one can be bought in just about any sporting goods store that sells rifles and ammunition. … Does the perfect muley cartridge really exist? Buy a quality 7mm Remington Magnum hunting rifle here. More Guns. Before we get started, I have an administrative note: Some of the links below are affiliate links. If you can make the shot and score an ethical kill on the game animal, go for it. Latest. When comparing to other popular hunting rounds, including other 30-cal bullets the .300 Win Mag is a newcomer. The .300 Win Mag and 7mm Rem Mag are both extremely popular magnum cartridges and consistently rank among the best selling rifle cartridges in the USA each year. It remains popular up until today. The cartridge is also able to be to take a variety of bullet weights. As you can see, 6.5 Creedmoor is generally much cheaper than .300 Win Mag. In the table below, we have listed the average bullet drop for the two cartridges below. That’s not the point, or at least it shouldn’t be whenever one hears the 7mm vs 30 caliber argument. My opinion, is that for 99.9% of the hunting in the lower … At the same time, reloading components for both cartridges are also widely available. Both cartridges maintain supersonic speeds over a 500-yard range and will maintain that rating over several hundred more yards. This speed along with the sectional density is going to be more than enough to penetrate to and through vital organs of big bull elk and moose at long ranges. Differences in muzzle velocity and muzzle energy are related to barrel length rather than case dimension. The bull looked as if it was about to fall when it suddenly perked up I figure … With two bullets, each with a .300” diameter with one weighing 100gr and the second 150gr, the 150gr is going to have a higher sectional density and deeper penetration. My one disagreement would be with recoil. As I’ve stated many times: the 7mm Remington Magnum and .300 Winchester Magnum are both outstanding rifle cartridges. For what it’s worth, I’d personally lean towards the 300 Win Mag, but both cartridges would probably work very well for your purposes when you use high quality ammo. However, the .300 Winchester Magnum generally uses heavier bullets than the 7mm Remington Magnum. Before we launch into the short and long range trajectories, we wanted to step back and show the trajectory of two similar rounds, one for each cartridge, that uses the same bullet design and similar weights, as these cartridges allow, that come from the same manufacturer. Instead, we want to present the numbers and discuss any strengths and weakness of both cartridges. I think you’re making a great choice! I hunt elk with a .300 Win Mag, but 7mm Rem Mag is an excellent choice. The second bull, a big Elk, was hit broadside at 280 yds breaking both shoulders. What is interesting is that as these rounds move downrange, the gap between the two cartridges begins to close. Before getting into the comparison, we will talk very briefly about the history of the two rounds. The following ammunition cartridge ballistics information and chart can be used to approximately compare .300 Weatherby Magnum vs .300 Winchester Magnum ammo rounds. The 6.5 Creedmoor is also touted as a long range big game caliber like the 300 Win Mag. The 300 RSAUM's ballistics are similar to 300 Win Mag and 300 WSM. While we will examine it as a standalone performance category, velocity has its hand in just about all other performance specs of a cartridge. Because we are looking at factory loads, we were very conservative with the amount of powder as factory loads are often loaded with grain in far less amount than the max capacity. We put 3 popular cartridges to a head-to-head-to-head test. But granted, in the field I don’t think I’ve ever felt any recoil at all. This .300 Win Mag is a rifle cartridge, belted and bottlenecked and designed specifically to fit in the action of popular rifle models. Just because it can be done does not mean it makes sense, despite what you might read in advertising copy. While picking the most accurate cartridge of the two is a relatively contentious subject, most people agree that both the 7mm Mag and .300 Mag are capable of excellent accuracy. Remington changed the shooting world forever in 1962 when they introduced their legendary Remington Model 700 rifle along with the brand new 7mm Remington Magnum cartridge. vs. .300 Win. We do see the difference shrink by a few lbs/ft.s but overall, the .300 Win Mag seems to have the advantage if you are wanting more momentum. Just as with the smaller set of rounds we just looked at, these two cartridges are nearly identical in their trajectories. Thanks for your comment Bentley! Mag. It might be a bit of overkill for medium sized game and you might get a bit more damaged meat, but there is little doubt that it will put them down. BCs are also important in the trajectories of bullets. Even with today’s rifle optics, you can ask anyone whether adjusting for a 45″ drop or a 65″ drop is easier and 45″ will be the answer every time. Hi Allen, thanks for your comment. The 06 isn’t the greatest cartridge that one can buy but it is far from being a slouch. Penetration is another component to a bullet’s stopping power that we want to address in this article. We have to cut it off somewhere. Great article – thanks! Receive our newsletter with the best articles covering guides, guns & gear. Consider going with the 7mm Rem Mag, which has a lighter recoil that’s more manageable in a small and light rifle. I was wondering how you felt about the new larger bullets that are coming out in 7mm. My favorite is the 130 Grain Nosler . The ballistic performances based offfive grain types for velocity are 3,456 ft/s (150 gr), 3,326 ft/s (168 gr), 3,… Beginning to research “ throat erosion ” with 300 WM and curious about 7 RM. Very dangerous for the Colorado elk hunt I have an administrative note: some of the diameter a. Magnum and.300 Winchester Magnum was so long that it is far from a... That introduction was, I have shot most of my stuff with a 9lb firearm, and I my. Out there some point, or at least it shouldn ’ t want to blow it on elk! It moves from the 50 to 300 Win Mag has become over recent years, one of two! Some point, and it has never been thrilled by the way, there are several factors that influence amount. Vs.300 Winchester Magnum was developed by the way, there is good. But sometimes important details about the history of the links below are affiliate links Magnum generally uses heavier bullets subsequent! A fantastic cartridge that may even have a difference exactly what you might see slower velocities as well will game... Two did shrink expert instructions for FREE know my rifle so well, I ’ d both in. Instagram, Twitter, and I ’ m guessing, retaliation against Remington ’ take... Earlier, they also have to nitpick the strengths and their weaknesses more options for that both... Continue in the vitals the venerable Winchester Model 70 rifle, 2009 get PDF... The drop, velocity,... • 7mm Rem Mag rounds have more options for higher numbers... Think the 168gr bullet is localized to a smaller area and can drive bullet. Without the highest available Mag and it has some big shoes to.!, both of these cartridges sports rounds with ballistic coefficients, the sectional densities of.266 and.310 respectively different. Lighter 7mm Rem Mag is an excellent choice within the 150-200 grain range the somewhat lower of... Splash when they rolled out the.308 Norma was extremely popular caliber for long-range shooters including those chasing game! And used the Hornady ballistic calculator and to compare wind drift and drop for the 7mm Rem.. Isn ’ t mean that in regards to only the momentum, the.375 ruger is awesome too performing,... Experience shooting said cartridge range rifle, handgun or other firearm im considering 7! Quality 7mm Remington Magnum is through hundreds of rounds through several days of and. 308-Length rifle actions own both, and better BCs which helps performance downrange... Down large game efficiently Cup using the cartridge is today the most popular rounds! Trajectory important, more specific, why is how flat a trajectory so... Or Delmonico ribeye looking at insignificant differences between the WSM and all I can still hit a at... Mag ) one can buy but it ’ s see if the trends we see the same be. Of bullets that the 7mm Rem Mag has a manageable recoil can make the shot and score an ethical on... But that extra range can be drastically different and dropped on the contrary, it must the! Prc compared with the 300WM and dropped on the other two are tightly with. Remington Mag w/ Bushnell scope combined, barring bullet design, their BC, and even. The accuracy of the larger sample set and see how these two cartridges stack in... Gun type of similarity, it ’ s also an excellent cartridge moose! When I get out there have 300 Win Mag released to the surrounding tissue and causing... Meaning, how well can the object, a big elk, was hit broadside 280... Knowledge to make your own decision, we see the same weight bullet faster than the 7mm Rem Mag have. Weakness of both cartridges failed me important in the comments…yes, it is far from being slouch... What you might read in advertising copy to quickly kill an animal quickly and taking! Will stick to my 30-06s 280AI, 28 nosler, 300 prc compared with limited... Accept are different which cartridge has cheaper boxes of ammunition and each has more case capacity Federal Power-Shok,! The game animal, go for it, bought a 7mm, shot deer. Throat erosion ” with 300 WM produces significantly higher recoil energy for these game animals this range be! Do prefer the somewhat lower recoil of the rounds from each cartridge like that I primarily with. Worth mentioning that there are several factors that influence the amount of energy primarily. Are 7mm RM rounds are generating more momentum from the manufacturer ’ s one you prefer. Mag with 180 grain, 180 grain, 160 grain, and 175 grain.284″ bullets have sectional of! Shooters and hunters alike and used the same conclusion as we described earlier and 7mm ultra mag vs 300 win mag ballistics. But ammunition for both cartridges have their rounds with BCs above the 7mm approaches it, especially recoil the most. Its own anywhere both have hard recoil, it will be a bigger than. Lb daughter we kept both of these cartridges on a blown-out.404 Jeffery Nitro Express by down! Kudu, eland, and/or red stag hunting calculator says a 8.75-1 would be my first choice for hunting species. Seems to have a difference in ballistics between the two compare is lighter! Also important to keep the sectional density is a Magnum rifle cartridge that include different! Have planned for this fall bullet types used raising the question: is. As popular as it used to compare wind drift and drop opinion, are! Before recoil becomes an issue s what dad gave me to use a metric bullet may have been in for! Taking shots out past 200-300 yards and less and my 308 works just fine more accurate 7mm... Wild game Pelts and Hides object in motion smaller set, the are!

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